Saturday, March 8, 2014

3rd D&D Campaign Comes To An End

Today was all about Pathfinder D&D. This is our last day for our third campaign. We really wanted to get this done since Robert and I are going on vacation. So we started at 2:30pm and played until 1am.

It was a tough ending as we actually failed in what we were to accomplish. Several members of my fellowship were near death but luckily we didn't lose anyone. Dash picked up several cool items and even leveled up.. he is no level 5. I spells have increased in power and I'm starting to do double digit damage which is great. Dash did an okay job and defending himself and his fellowship. I only lost a few hit points for the entire session (which is very rare for me).

The ending was bitter sweet. Big stuff went down. Dallas did an amazing job telling this fun & interesting story. We saw the end of one age and the birth of a new one. We saw the death and resurrection of a new god and the creation of a single sun. This was the most epic campaign so far.

We now gotta wait until May to start our fourth campaign.. I can't wait to see what Dallas has in store for our little band of misfits.

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