Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gimpy Podcast, Booking Hostels and B5

Released the next episode of My Gimpy Life #15 CompanionCast for Season 2 Ep 3 (Episode 8). You can download it from iTunes and search for My Gimpy Life Podcast or go to and listen or download from there.

I spent the morning researching and booking hostels for my stay in Ireland and Scotland. As of today I have all my flights booked and all my hotels/hostels/friends couches booked for this trip. There are only three days when I'm in Northern England that I don't know where I'll be staying as I'm not sure what cities I'll be visiting as I'm just going to meander down for three days to the middle of England where friends live.

The evening was all about Babylon 5. My buddy Robert and I continue our first time viewing of this series. We are in the middle of Season 4 and tonight we watched Episodes 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

First up was S4 Ep8 "The Illusion of Truth" An ISN reporter does a report on Babylon 5 which turns out to be only propaganda. Among other things, the interviews displayed on the report are heavily quote-mined.

This was an okay episode... I mean you knew that this reporter wasn't going to be truthful and show Babylon 5 in a good light. Even with is speech about giving a sliver a truth in all the BS wasn't true. I can't recall anything good coming from that piece.. other then reporting informing to Sheridan about his Dad since Sheridan was worried about him. And I didn't like how the piece was presented.. it was about half the episode and we never see the reaction of Ivanova, Delenn or Sheridan until the very end and it's from the preservative of the TV monitor they were watching... very bizarre. 

And I'm continuing to dislike Garibaldi more and more.. which is sad since he was one of my favorites. I know it's building up to something but it's very frustrating to watch.

Next we watched S4 Ep9 "Atonement" As Babylon 5 recovers from the propaganda war started on ISN, Sheridan sends Marcus and Dr. Franklin to Mars. Along the journey, they annoy each other, including Marcus singing "The Major-General's Song" to Dr. Franklin's discontent. Members of Delenn's clan decide that Delenn should return home to Minbar and justify her deepening relationship with John Sheridan. Delenn makes a discovery about her ancestry once she arrives on Minbar.

I liked this episode, it was fun seeing Delenn back when she was fully Minbar. We also find out that it was Delenn's vote (though in rage) that started the Minbar/Human war. We find out that Delenn is a decent from Valen which means she's part human even before she was transformed. It's kind of strange to think that Delenn is related to Sinclair.  I liked the interplay of Marcus and Franklin those two make a good duo. And it was very funny scene when G'Kar got his new eye implant.

Our third episode of the night is from S4 Ep10 "Racing Mars" Franklin and Marcus arrive on Mars only for the Resistance to suspect them of being spies. Garibaldi interview for ISN angers Sheridan.

This was a good episode as I liked the interaction of Marcus and Franklin so we got a whole lot more of that. I liked that the two guys were portraying a married couple. B5 rarely address same sex couples or issues like this and it's nice to know in the 23rd century of B5 that same sex marriage is not only legal on Earth but it seems in all Earth run communities as well. I liked the conflict between Sheridan and Garibaldi, I continue to dislike him.. like Londo dislike. If I was Sheridan I would have kicked him off the station permanently after he punch him.

The fourth episode is from S4 Ep11 "Lines of Communication" Delenn makes contact with an alien race called the Drakh, only to learn they once served the Shadows. Sheridan comes up with a way to counter President Clark's propaganda machine. Franklin and Marcus attempt to persuade the Mars resistance to assist Sheridan in opposing President Clark.

Another good episode.. lots happening.. lots of building up of things. Minbar is about to explode with civil war, Delenn has to do something about it. We meet the race that was fleeing Z'ha'dum that was saw a few episodes back. Delenn is leaving B5 to help out her homeworld.. hopefully it won't be for long. Franklin and Marcus complete there job and get the resistant leader to join in with Sheridan. And Sheridan comes up with an idea of doing their own news broadcast.. which is something that I thought they should have done awhile ago.

And our final episode of the evening was S4 Ep12 "Conflict of Interest" Ivanova sets up to transmit the Voice of the Resistance. Meanwhile, Garibaldi is tasked with getting someone safely through the station: his former love interest.

This was pretty much a Garibaldi episode and it was good to see him somewhat back to his old self.. he's a good guy I just don't know why he's turned against everyone he loves. We find out more about his ex lover and I'm sure the storyline will be continuing now that her "mob boss" husband has offered him a job. The Ivanova scenes down on the planet were fun.

Some good episodes, a few "wow" moments but overall some nice storytelling. You can tell they are building up for something big.... can't wait for more.

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