Tuesday, March 4, 2014

CompanionCasts & Virtual Companions

Spent a few hours today editing the next My Gimpy Life Companioncasts. Episode 15 is due to be released tomorrow so that was a high priority today to finish. But I was on a roll so I started to edit episode 16 for next week and I remembered that I have an episode 17 planned as well. Gotta get all this done before I leave for my trip in just over a week.

During the evening I watched Agents of SHIELD (loved it) and Faceoff with my buddy Erik via Skype. Faceoff is our "regular" show that we have been watching since the first episode of this season but we also will watch SHIELD & Big Bang Theory together from time to time.

This actually started with my best bud Chris, we started watching Once Upon A Time together via texting when he was stationed up in Montana. So when Erik and I started talking we were both fans of Faceoff and figured we'd watch the premiere together via skype and it just kind of evolved from there. Having someone to watch TV with is awesome. I'm normally a solo tv watcher but when Erik is online with me it's as if he's sitting next to me commenting and discussing the episode as it goes. Sometimes will even share a beer or dinner online as well. We're virtual TV buddies and it's fantastic.

Speaking of Erik, two months ago today we started talking/texting/skyping and we have talked, texted and/or skyped every day since, we haven't missed a single day. I know of course that streak will be broken when I am over in Ireland and the UK as it's not going to be as easy talking via skype with the time difference and wifi availability.. but I'm going to do my darnedest to keep the streak alive...

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