Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Ireland Plans...

Today Robert, Thomas and I chatted over Facebook and solidified out Ireland plans.

We arrive in Dublin on the 16th at 5:15am. Thomas will pick us up and drive us to his place in Belfast. Will explore Belfast on the 16th and crash at Thomas's place that night. We then will start our journey south going counter clockwise around the country. Will be sightseeing along they way but our first official stop will be in Dublin (Eastern part), we plan to spent an entire day, March 17th sightseeing and celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Will be staying in a hostel just south of Dublin in a little town called Wicklow. Our next stop will be in the city of Cork (Southern part) on March 18th. After that we travel to Galway (Western part) on March 19th. And then we make our way to Donegal (Northwest part) where we will be staying with Thomas' parents March 20th and then our final leg back to Belfast (Northeast part) on March 21st.

Robert will take a bus down to Dublin for his flight on Saturday the 22nd. Thomas and I will continue to explore Belfast and the surrounding cities 22nd and 23rd before I catch a flight from Belfast to Glasgow on Monday 24th, so ending my Ireland Adventure.

We will be seeing east, south, west and north parts of the country. Will be in both Northern Ireland and Ireland Eire. And I know I won't be able to see everything but I do hope to see a few castles, some rolling green hills and of course I must kiss the Blarney stone. I can't wait for this first leg of my dream vacation.

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