Saturday, January 24, 2015

A New Adventure in Pathfinder Begins

Today we started our fifth adventure for our D&D/Pathfinder game. It's been several months since we finished our last adventure and everyone was really looking forward to coming back (well maybe not our DM Dallas :) Unfortunately we were missing several key players who couldn't join us for this session but we did our best to survive.

Will's character Ginnion went missing (he was one who couldn't join us) and we went off to find him. Of course we start looking in a red light district, as Ginnion is very much a player. Our DM Dallas purchased some new game mats that were pretty epic. Of course my character Dash tries to be helpful and sneak around a building by himself to flank an enemy but is attacked by a goblin who stabs him in the back from 18 points of damage. Of course Dash yells out in pain and alerts the quiet town that we are there and suddenly we are in battle. Luckily I have a new spell called Dimension Portal that allows me to transport a short distance as my yell drew several "bad guys" to my position and since I was alone there was no around to help me.

Dash spent most of the battle on top of a roof casting some new and exciting fire spells. I love that my character is now level 7 as it gives me access to some very powerful spells that if I roll right can do some major damage.

After we defeated all the bad guys we found Ginnion and headed to met up with the Elfs. When we got to their camp we found nothing but dead bodies. Across the bridge we see two orcs on their mounts and then suddenly four giant bridge trolls come from under the bridge and attack.

It was a tough battle as these trolls could take a beating. I managed to put one of the trolls under a spell that prevented him from attacking us. Unfortunately one of my traveling companions casted a spell that kind of backfired and caused my little pony Bill to be enchanted and start attacking a troll. This would be certain doom for my pony. Which sent me Kenny into a little fit as the last time, when we were being attacked by giant bears my little pony was the only one killed and again it looked like Dallas was going to kill my little pony again. I was not a happy camper and a bit whiny so Dallas relented and spared my pony. I do feel bad for acting like a douche but it did bummed me out that my pony was going to die twice while everyone else horses and ponies were fine.

Anyways as I said it was a tough battle and when we finally defeated the trolls we were quite done as we didn't realize that trolls regenerate and several of them came back to life and we had to fight time again and this time we burned the bodies.

We debated on if we should camp which Dash desperately needed to do as he was out of spells, but our second in commend Phlig decided to move forward and look for a safer spot which we never found and instead came upon a hoard of giants and the orc army who were flinging men/dwarves to their death and one of those Dwarves was our companion Borin (the other person who was unable to join us). And this is how the session ended...dun dun dun....

Good stuff... Thanks Dallas once again for going through all this work and for continuing to DM our games. I look forward to each one every few weeks and I'm glad we are back again.. can't wait to see what happens next.

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