Saturday, January 24, 2015

An Unexpected Surprise

So my buddy Andrew Seely joined us for D&D today but I didn't think anything of it as Dallas has had guest players come in now and then. Before we started he said that Andrew had something to say. Then Andrew turned to me and said with a straight face.. Kenny this is an intervention. I had no idea what was going on, suddenly everyone was looking at me. I started to wonder, what do I need an intervention for. It only lasted a second as a smile crossed his face and others started to laugh. He then handed me his iPad. He told me to swipe to open and read the front page. This is what I saw....

Yes a group of my friends got to together and purchased me 2 months of unlimited classes to NerdStrong. If you don't know what NerdStrong is you can check out their website HERE. In short it's a gym for Geeks and Nerds. My buddy Andrew has been trying to get me to go for months now but since funds are low I haven't been able to join him. But my awesome friends care about me and my health so much that they figured this would be a great way to support me in reaching my goals.

Along with this was another page filled with warm wishes and caring words of encouragement from those to contributed. 

I couldn't believe they did this for me. Never in a million years did I think this was going to happen. I know I have bragged about my amazing friends but I can't say it enough, I have some truly wonderful friends.

I want to thank the following who contributed to this amazing gift. I will do you all proud!!!

Thanks to: Aaron Trahan, Robert F. Ludwick,  Dallas Bloom, Erik Nelson, Matthew Kuhns, Thomas Needham, Hayley Smith, Will Gatlin, Adam Levermore, Brett Trusler, Elea Freidman, Jes Reaves, Scott Meisner, Steven Bustamante, Tamar Curry, Jennifer & Matt Luchsinger, and Andrew Seely.

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