Saturday, January 24, 2015

Happy Birthday Thomas

Today is the birthday of my favorite Irishman Thomas. We met while I was working The Guild booth at San Diego Comic Con many years ago. We kind of just hit it off, there are those rare occasions when you meet another human being and it feels like you've known them you're entire life, the friendship is just meant to be.

So ever year when he would return to California for SDCC he'd do a few weeks here in LA before or after the con and our friendship continued to grow. I've enjoyed our long hikes when we would talk everything from our favorite TV shows to our unfortunate love lives.  He's also one of those rare friends that I can sit in a room and not say a word to for hours, with no awkwardness and just enjoy each others company.

Last year I was fortunate enough to travel to Ireland and hang out with him for 10 days while we (including my best bud Robert) traveled around the entire island seeing so many amazing sites. While I was there Thomas and I started to do a rewatch of Xena (my first time, but a rewatch for him), and we promised to only watch it together so when he came for a visit for SDCC last year we watch a few more episodes... at the rate were going it's going to take ten years to finish the series but it's fun to experience this series with him. Anyways I've babbled on long enough. I wanna wish him a very Happy Birthday and I can't wait for our next visit, be it here in the US (which is more likely) or there in Ireland (which I would love). HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!!

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