Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gotham, Flash & FaceOff

Gotham S1 Ep12 "What the Little Bird Told Him" Jack Gruber and Aaron Helzinger escape from Arkham Asylum and are on a rampage through Gotham. James Gordon promises the Commissioner he will arrest Gruber within 24 hours and he is reinstated as a detective for that time. Fish Mooney makes her move against Falcone and "abducts" Liza. Falcone confronts Mooney and Liza at the former's club, and strangles Liza to death. Victor Zsaz and several mercenaries working for Falcone then take both Mooney and Butch Gilzean prisoner, while the Don gives Cobblepot a chance to mock his former boss, as he has inherited her nightclub as well as what is left of her gang.

Another good episode of Gotham, I'm really surprised at how much I'm enjoying this series. When it first started I didn't see how I was going to like any of these characters other then Gordan but they have proven me wrong. My favorite character by far is Penguin, he's playing every side and winning. And then there is Harvey Bullock who I HATED with a passion at the beginning but man the past three or four episodes his character is really starting to grow on me. I'm liking his friendship with Gordan more and more. And I'm happy to say that Gotham was picked up for a second season.. so we have plenty of more Gotham to enjoy... woot!! 

Flash S1 Ep10 "Revenge of the Rogues" As Barry works on improving his speed through various training exercises, Leonard Snart returns to Central City with the freeze gun and a new partner, Mick Rory, to set a trap for the Flash. Cisco and Barry realize that if they can get Snart and Rory to cross the streams of their respective weapons it will cancel out the effects. The Flash meets Snart and Rory in the middle of a city for a showdown, exposing himself to the media. While in transport to Iron Heights Prison, Snart and Rory are broken out by Snart's sister.

This was a very "comic bookish" type of episode. I was watching this with my buddy Erik and he kept saying that it felt like the old 60's Batman series, he felt the dialogue and acting were over the top. I agree that the dialogue was a bit comic bookish, especially by the bad guys and all their freeze and fire puns. But I enjoyed the episode overall. The Flash is now known to the public. This is going to change the series (or at least it better).

FaceOff S8 Eps 1&2 If you don't know what FaceOff is here's a brief description; Face Off is a competition/elimination series exploring the world of special-effects make-up artists and the unlimited imagination which allows them to create amazing works of living art.

Last week season eight of FaceOff premiered but it was a two-parter so tonight we (Erik and I ) watched the second half. This season is different then the previous seven. They brought back three former champions and each champion has a five person team. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like this since the champions help their team out but the way they have done it works and it's extremely entertaining. I'm looking forward to this season of FaceOff.

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