Monday, February 16, 2015

Damaged Collectibles & the Latest Gotham

So I have been spring cleaning the past few weeks, I'm trying to widdle down my collections by a 1/3d and get ride of things that I just don't need anymore. Of the many things I collect, trading cards are one of them. I have about 20 binders full of various TV and Movie trading cards. Besides the binders I have a medium size box filled with all my duplicates and extras. While pulling that box out of storage I noticed some water damage on the box and sure enough when I examined the contents of the box I found that a bunch of the cards also had water damage. Some of these cards are over 30+ years old and it's upsetting to have lost so many pieces of my childhood. But on the upside, as I'm always looking for an upside, I won't have to struggle with the idea of keeping them or not.. they will be discarded with the rest of the trash.

In TV news I watched the latest Gotham tonight with my buddy Erik. S1 Ep 16 "The Blind Fortune Teller" Barbara Kean returns to Gotham to discover Ivy Pepper and Selina Kyle in her apartment. Elsewhere, Fish Mooney plans to save herself and the other prisoners when they discover that they were kidnapped so that their organs can be harvested. When a snake dancer at Haly's Circus named Lila Valeska is murdered, James Gordon and Leslie Tompkins investigate as the Flying Graysons and the Lloyds are suspects. Upon deducing that her son, Jerome, is the killer and Cicero is his father, Jerome has a psychotic breakdown and confesses to the murder claiming to have hated her for her insistent "nagging." Bruce holds a board meeting at Wayne Enterprises and voices concern to the executives that the company is involved with illegal activities.

I really enjoyed this episode tonight and for once I liked the character of Barbara, or at least the scene where she discovers Ivy and Selina in her apartment. I really liking the interaction between Gordan and Tompkins, they are making a fun duo. We get to meet the Graysons in this episode as well as the "future" Robin's parents (it's was kind of like a Romeo and Juliet story). They get engaged at the end of the episode. The Bruce stuff was good, he's definitely throwing down the gauntlet.

I've been liking the Phish Mooney storyline and man is she one conniving woman, but I give her credit, she gets results. As for the Penguin storyinline, I wasn't a huge fan of it. I feel like they told a lot of his story at the beginning of the series and now he's more of just a side character. And by far my favorite storyline and scene was the interrogation of Jerome (future Joker). I thought he acting was brilliant. I love when he goes from grieving son to malicious psycho in a matter of seconds and then looks up with a perfect "Joker" face, it sent chills down my spine... good stuff. Can't wait to see next weeks episode.

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