Sunday, February 15, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Defeating Mount Doom

It's Sunday which means themed workout at NerdStrong Gym today. Today's theme was near and dear to my heart.. it was Lord of the Rings inspired and called Mount Doom!!!

We started with learning how to do a proper kettlebell swing, I was unaware but there are several different types of swings and we learned a few of them. We then did a kettlebell ladder and up'd our weight each time.

Afterwards we started our crossfit part of the work out. As I mentioned it was called Mount Doom. It consisted of wallballs (throwing a medicine ball up against a wall), ring pull ups and push ups. Everyone teamed up into pairs of two. I was the odd man out and teamed up with coach Andrew (feels like High School all over again :)

There are different levels for beginners, medium and advance. I talked it over with Andrew and we decided that we'd go for beginners but if I was feeling it we could push up to medium and if I was doing great then we'd go all the way to the top of the mountain. We started with 2 (meaning I'd do 1 and then my partner would do 1). After that we'd go to 4 (I'd do 2 and my partner would do 2) and so on. For beginners we had to reach 12 (6 each) for medium we had to reach 16 (8 each) and for Advance we had to reach 20 (10 each)

So we started, 1 wallball, 1 ring pull up, 1 push up.. piece of cake. Then 2 wallballs, 2 ring pull ups and 2 push ups... still going strong. Got to 6 (beginners stopping point) and Andrew asked if I wanted to continue to go up the mountain.. I of course said yes. I was feeling great on the wallballs and ring pull ups but the push ups were starting to get to me and I was struggling to finish them. So when Andrew asked if I wanted to continue up the mountain to the top I declined as I knew I wouldn't be able to make it back down. In the end I did 64 wallballs, 64 ring pulls & 64 push ups in the allotted time. It was another fantastic and fun workout. Sundays workouts though tough are becoming my favorites. Can't wait to see what's planned for next Sunday themed workout.

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