Thursday, February 19, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Free Weight & Form

Today was one of the hardest to learn and most frustrating workouts for me so far. It's wasn't tiring or taxing I was just disappointed as I couldn't get the correct form down.

After our warm up we learned the correct way to do a Power Clean and then Deadlift. Both of these require a bar bell and weights.

We started with Power Clean for 20 minutes. I was working with assistant coach Andrew Seely and after showing me how to do it properly over and over I still couldn't do it. I just couldn't get the rhythm down. It was hard for me as with my past workouts I picked up how to do it properly very quick but for whatever reason it wasn't happening this time.

Luckily when we moved on to Deadlifts I managed to grasp that concept alot better and by the end I was up to 255 lbs. So we established my Deadlift weight. Now when I do these again I need to try and improve that number.

By the time I was done I wasn't exhausted or tired like with other workouts but I knew I'd be feeling it the next day. Though I was disappointed in myself when it came to power clean I know that doing those properly is important and it takes time and experience to get it right.

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