Tuesday, February 17, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Strong Core, Strong Body

Today's workout at NerdStrong Gym was tough. We started the session with a 250m run (which is one time around the parking lot), then came back in and did 10x situps, 5x pushups and then door stretches.

After the warm up we did our skills moves. This is where we do specific exercise moves and learn how to do them properly and correct. Today Andrew showed us plyometirc pushups. If you don't know what those are, they are regular pushups with a twist. You go down regularly but then you push up you go fast and move your hands to a different plain. For example we had weight plates next to our hands so we would go from the ground and then as we push up relocate our hands to the top of the weight. It was super tough, especially since I have come to find out that pushups are the bane of my existence. We then learned how to hang from a bar and bring our toes up and touch the bar, essentially bending your body in half. There are many stages to get to the point where you could actually touch your toes to the bar. I unfortunately was only able to get my knees to my elbows, which is saying alot since this was my first time and I have a belly in the way. The bending part isn't he worst.. it's your hands holding the bars.. that's the tough part.

After the skill part of the session we moved onto the workout. This was timed at 16 minutes and we had to do 4 rounds of 12x dumbbell z-press, 16x hi-lo planks, 25x mountain climbers, 12x russian twists and then a 140m run.

My first two rounds were great, was feeling good and making good time, by the third round I was struggling with the hi-lo planks as they are similar to push ups and were starting to hurt my elbows, surprisingly the most active part of the workout, the mountain climbers I excelled at but the russian twists were a killer and what's crazy is the run was the time you got to relax for a few minutes. The fourth set was tough, I was sweating profusely and my glasses kept falling off my face, but I pushed through the pain and managed to finish just over 16 minutes... Woot!!!

Another amazing workout, tonight's session was all about our core.. thank you Andrew for being such an amazing coach.. you make workout fun. And I also want to thank my buddy Andrew Seely who got me into NerdStrong and was also the assistant coach tonight. Can't wait for Thursday!!

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