Friday, February 20, 2015

LARPs New Episode & New Doctor

Episode 5 of LARP's The Series came out today. Another fun episode but man are they way to short. You barely have time to get into them and they are already ending. I do understand why they are short but as with The Guild I'm hoping with the second season (which is in production now) they double the length to a whopping 10 minutes. Check out episode 5 below.

So if you've been following my blog you know I have been having health insurance issues. My rate has doubled in the past two years and I'm currently paying $508 a month for health insurance. Well I should say that I was paying that amount. I no longer have Anthem Blue Cross, I've maxed out my credit cards trying to keep it but I finally had to let it go. Since I'm out of work and have made little money in 2014 I actually qualified for Medi-Cal.  And today is my first visit to meet my new doctor.

We all have these images in our head of "county" medical care and thought some of the stereotypes are true it wasn't a horrible process. I got to my appointment, found the window that I needed to check in at and waited about 20 minutes for my name to be called. Once inside the nurse got my weight, took my temperature and blood pressure. I then waited in a room for about another 20 minutes before a young lady came in, introduced herself and we started going over who I was, my lifestyle, family history and all the usual stuff you do when you visit a doctor for the first time. Come to find out that she was a medical student and would be taking all this info I gave her and would go and speak with my doctor. So this is a teaching clinic.

She was gone about 20 minutes but during that time my actual doctor came in and introduced herself to me. This will be the first time that I have had a female doctor. She left to find her student and a few minutes later the student showed back up and we went over some details. They are taking me off some meds that I had been taking, they feel that they are overkill and their goal is to get me off all my meds sooner then later (which I'm all for).

I had brought in my test results for the past few years to share with my new doctor. I noticed that my creatinine, serum was high in my 2014 test and again in my 2015 test. So I looked it up and found out that it measures the levels of toxins in your blood, toxins that the kidneys are suppose to get rid of. So if levels are high then something is up with the kidneys. The doctor looked it over and said we need to investigate further so they drew more blood and I made an appointment to see them in a month to go over the results.. of course if there are any red flags they will call me sooner. 

After the doctor I went down to the third floor to have my blood drawn and then to the first floor to turn in my new prescriptions for my meds.

So it took about 2 hours 15 minutes to for the whole process. The student doctor and doctor were really nice and I think will have a nice relationship. I'm a bit concerned about my kidneys but will cross that issue once we know more. Overall it was a good visit.

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