Monday, April 20, 2015

Fantastic 4, Jurassic Park, Rebels S2 & A Geeky Priest

More movies trailers.. we saw Star Wars The Force Awakens earlier this week.. then Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And now two news were released.. first up, Fox has released a new trailer for the rebooted Fantastic Four. I actually am one of the few people who actually enjoyed both of the Fantastic Four movies but I have to say this new "darker" reboot looks pretty awesome. Gonna add this to my list of must sees.

The second movie trailer released was for Jurassic World, this is the second trailer to be released and I have to say it looks pretty awesome. It also looks like a lot of people are gonna die. I don't know if it will live up to the first movie, as #2 and #3 did not but it does have Chris Pratt.. so that's pretty good.

There was also a trailer released for Star Wars Rebels season two. This premiered at Celebration a few days ago but they just released it publicly. I have to say, this second season looks AMAZING. I enjoyed season one of Rebels but I can now see that it was all a set up for this bigger, badder, boulder season two... I can't wait!!!

And the final video I want to share with you guys is of a Catholic Priest named Father Roderick. Father is a huge geek and a fellow podcaster. I have been listening to his podcasts for many years so It's cool to see that one of his videos has gone viral.. and rightfully so. His reaction to the new Star Wars trailer is priceless, this guy is genuine and it's one reason why I enjoy his work.

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