Thursday, April 23, 2015

Random Question.. Nerd vs. Geek

So every now and then I like to ask a random question, usually a random geek question but this time I was asking a question about using the term geek or nerd. Here's the question "Random question... which term do you refer to yourself as... Geek or Nerd and Why?"

Dpwac immediately sent me several comments via twitter explaining how they describe Nerd and Geek.

@dpwac @Geekyfanboy Geek is about obsession, with anything. You can geek out over Marvel, the Periodic Table or cooking. Nerd is the intellectual.

@dpwac @Geekyfanboy Nerd can be STEM, literature or pop culture, but I view them as the quieter version of geeks.

@dpwac @Geekyfanboy Nerds have book clubs, geeks go to con :)

@dpwac @Geekyfanboy But that's my personal view, and someone probably thinks I'm wrong. And this is the internet so I'll hear about it in my TL :)

@dpwac @Geekyfanboy Oh, I'm a giant geek. Caps hockey, beer, BSG, Chelsea FC. Anything that I like, I follow obsessively :)

I got a few more comments via twitter..

@BelRand @Geekyfanboy Geek in English but "Nörd" in Swedish as we dont have any good geek-eqvuivalents

@cshell87 @Geekyfanboy Nerd. Not much into expressing fandoms, but I like to know stuff. Lots of geek/nerd interests overlap though.

@TheRobZone @Geekyfanboy Nerd. I'm more intellectually curious than getting jazzed up about other people's creations.

And then there was Facebook.

Pamela Self Templin - Both. If it's about a specific topic like math, history, and so on, I use nerd. If it's more broad, like theatre, sci-fi, etc., I use geek. So, science nerd; theatre geek.

Erin Coplan - I like both, and use both, but nerd more often, no specific reason why.

Jim McCaffree - Weirdo.

Jami Losurdo - I only use awesome person.

Anthony Thompson - I prefer the term passionate badass.

Jennifer Luchsinger - Both!

Alyska Gutzwiller - I probably use Geek more often, but I use both too. I also like Dork, Weird and Freak.

Lauren Natoli - I prefer "geek," but where I grew up, "nerd" was used for an uptight/bookish/overly-correct person and I'm not really any of those things, so I don't use it as much. "Geek" wasn't a term I heard used much before this new era of geek that's risen in the past few years.

Sebastiaan Van Dijk - Both. Geek because i obsess about tons of things (card games, superheroes, games). Nerd because i'm a highly intelligent person working in IT.

Rick Dostie - I've used both to describe myself, but lately I've started to like just the term "fan" or fanboy or fangirl more. Because everyone is a fan of something.

Joshua Hsu - Sometimes I call myself a Neek or a Gerd. That way I don't have to make a decision

Markus Hunt - I think it's difficult to pigeonhole yourself as a genre these days. I know goths who steampunk and airsoft. I wargame but love sports. I'm happy being a Friend Of Kenny but that would make me a FOKer

Mark Daniels - I call myself a nerd.

Matt Cipoletti - Geek

Harry Dauz - Neither!

John Keating - My name is John

Justin Kemmling - Both. Because essentially they are the same. At the same time they are different and I act like a geek at times and act like a nerd at times. I'm a paradox.

Doug Rusley - Geek, usually.

Thanks to everyone who responded. I think I'm like most people here and use both but I tend to use Geek more often then Nerd... hence my "online" name Geekyfanboy. 

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