Sunday, April 19, 2015

Star Wars Celebration - Day 4

Today is the final day of Star Wars Celebration 2015. I was up early and packed up the hotel solo since both of my hotelmates stayed elsewhere last night. I loaded up my car with everyone's things and then checked out. I headed over to the con around 9am and once again got into the very long entry line. I figured since it was Sunday and the last day that things would be a bit slower today.. well I was wrong.

Today I was suppose to hang out with my friends Chris and Hayley but they were running late so when I got into the hall I went to get in line for Roxy the Rancor. I wanted to get a picture of just me fighting off Roxy. The line for Roxy was long but I figured I didn't have anything better to do so I jumped in. About ten minutes later my buddy Brett showed up with his mom Sharlene and they joined me in the Rancor line. Just as we were about to get our picture Chris and Hayley showed up and joined in. After the Rancor picture my buddy Aaron joined the group as well as friends Katie and Adam... we roamed the halls. I had already seen everything but this was Brett and his mom's first day so we re-visited a bunch of things.. we were also able to take some really fun group photos since there were so many of us. We did this until around lunch time when we all headed out to the food trucks to grab a bite to eat where we were joined by Jes.

After lunch we all headed back inside and continued our tour of the halls. Around 1ish we started to lose people until it was just Adam and I. We decided to go upstairs and get in line for the Star Wars Episode VII prop room. By the time we got up there they had already closed the line but like with the store yesterday they allowed us to get in line but there was no guarantee that we would get in the room. So the long wait begun.. an hour or so into the wait we were joined by Katie and Kim. As the clock ticked closer to 4pm (the time the room closed) our hopes were dashed as there was no way we were going to get inside before they closed. Luckily the folks running the lines actually came up with a plan to allow most of us still waiting to get in, we would at least see the props. They had us walk single file into the room and then immediately out. We couldn't stop and take pictures or really get a good look at the stuff.. we were in and out in just a few minutes. We did get to see the props first hand so venture was kind of a success but then again there was no time to really look at them so it kind of failed as well. Oh well it was fun hanging with Adam, Katie and Kim.

Afterwards we all parted ways and we had an hour left before the halls closed so I went down and tried to get as many photos as I could. I ended up in the artist alley chatting with my artist friend Jeff when buddies Brian and Doug showed up. I spent a about 15 minutes chatting with those guys before calling it a day and heading back to the hotel to pick up my car.

Overall Star Wars Celebration VII 2015 was a success. I had a ton of fun geeking out with fellow Star Wars fans the past four days. I got to see some great panels and though there was lots of line standing I did most of that standing with friends.. which is always fun.

They did announce the next Celebration which will be in London next year so I probably won't be attending that one.. but if it's ever back in CA I'll be sure to grab my 4 day pass. Well worth the time and money.

After the con I had to head to my brothers to drop off his and Jason's bags that were left in the hotel room. I got to spend a little time with my family before heading to my favorite Chinese place to grab some much needed dinner. Once home I watched some tv and ate my dinner before calling it a night.

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