Wednesday, April 22, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Hunting Orcs

It's Wednesday, which you all know means "CON" day at NerdStrong Gym.. and "CON" day means Coach Blair. Well like with Coach Andrew, Coach Blair is out of town so today we have Coach David teaching class.

Today's workout is titled "Orc Hunt" Coach David set the scene from Lord of the Ring when Merry and Pippin are taken by the Orcs and it's up to us (the fellowship) to rescue them. In order to do so we have to run and run and run. But first we had to warm up. For the warm up we did team rowing (300m each) and then calf and hamstring stretches to prepare our legs for this crazy run.

The workout started with a 250m run, which is one time around the parking lot. We then did a 500m run, which is twice around the parking lot and then finally a 750m run, three times around the parking lot. Of course we rest between runs. We would rest the amount of time it took us to complete the run. Once we finish our 750m we work back down the ladder. Another 500m run and finally the last 250m run. To make it even more challenging you can carry a Hobbit (sandbag) while you are run.

Coach David made a comment about how he likes to "theme" his workouts to soften the blow of what we are about to do and I told him that it really works. It's not just your typical workout. You can immerse yourself into this fantasy world and somehow that lessen the workout. For example with this workout..  I opted to carry a sandbag (Hobbit) but I changed up the scenario a bit, instead of rescuing Merry and Pippin I was Samwise and I was carrying Mr. Frodo up Mount Doom to destroy the ring. When I was exhausted and couldn't take another step I would think to myself.. Sam wouldn't just drop Mr. Frodo, he'd push himself to his limit to make sure Frodo completed his mission. It may sounds silly but it worked.. I did the entire run with a 20lb sandbag around my shoulders. Thanks Coach David for always going all out for our fun workouts.

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