Saturday, April 25, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Gotta Love Wall Balls & Burpees

Today's workout is a tough one, but I've come to expect tough workouts on Saturday and it is a "Con" day and that means constant workout.

We started with a good stretch before moving on to the main workout. It was a 4x4 AMRAP (As many reps as possible). Coach Andrew said most folks were doing 2 reps per four minutes.

This workout was broken down into 4 segments each lasting 4 minutes with a much needed 3 minute break in between.

We started with 15x Box Jumps, 10x Wall Balls and 5x Burpees. None of these were too taxing as it was just the beginning of the workout.

We then moved on to 15x Kettlebell Swings and as before we continued with 10x Wall Balls and 5x Burprees. Now these Burpees were getting a little be tougher.. especially the second set.

Our third segment consisted of 15x Sit Ups, 10x Wall Balls and 5 Burpees, Now you're tired and you're just pushing through the pain to make it four minutes.

We then moved on to our last segment which was 15x Kettlebell Rows, 10x Wall Balls and yes 5x Burpee's. I was exhausted but managed to do the Kettlebell Rows at a good pace and pushed through the Wall Balls but the Burpees almost stopped me in my tracks and then when I was done I had to do them all over again and it was a struggle but I managed to get through 4 or the 5 burpees on my second round.

So I almost did two complete rounds of each set during the four minute sessions. Each time I'd be nearing the end of my second set of 5x Burpees before time ran out.

It was another exhausting workout but I'm happy to say that it looked alot worse then it actually was. But that can be said for 90% of the workouts we do. They look impossible but when you're done with them you think to yourself.. that wasn't as bad as I thought and I feel pretty great (well at least that is what I think to myself). I think the 3 minute rest periods help alot but that's not to say that we weren't all tired by the end of the workout.. but what is great about my fellow NerdStrongers they can always put on a smile and pose for a picture that I always request at the end of every class... Thanks guys.. you're all awesome. And thanks to Coach Andrew for another amazing workout.

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