Friday, April 24, 2015

NerdStrong Open Gym - Zombies!!!

Today is open Gym at NerdStrong so I decided that I was going to do one of the workouts that I missed last weekend because of Star Wars Celebration. I went with the themed one on Sunday called Zombies.

This workout consisted of 10 different stations. Push Ups, Leg Leaders, Run, row, Battle Ropes, Box Jumps, Goblet Squats, Slam Balls, Wall Balls and Lunges.

So here's the deal, the original workout you had to do x30 of each thing and a 500m run and 300m row. Coach Seely suggested that I only do x20 for each task but still do the 500m run and 300m row, so that's what I did. The original workout had piece of paper that people would randomly pick and it would tell them which workout to do. We did not have those pieces of paper but Coach Seely came up with an alternative way of doing it and had me roll a 20 sided die.  So I numbered each workout 1 to 10, if I rolled a 1 - 10 then I'd obviously do the corresponding number but if I rolled 11 to 20 I'd just remove 10 from the number and do that one, example if I rolled a 14 then that would be a 4. Surprisingly I did roll do many repeated numbers.

Another part of this is that it was a timed workout.. we had 12 minutes to escape (complete the 10 tasks). If we couldn't finish everything within 12 minutes then you had to add x10 reps to all remaining workouts.. if it was a run or row you had to add 100m. As you can see from my board I didn't finish in time and had to add x10 reps to my Leg Leaders and Lunges I also had to add another 100m to my row.

This was a fun workout but it's not the same when you are doing it solo. When you're part of a team you tend to push each other and go harder. I didn't finish within the 12 minutes, I still had three more tasks to do... could I have finished if I did this on Sunday with a partner.. maybe, maybe not but I do know team workouts are more enjoyable when you are with a team :)

Thanks Coach Seely and Jason for helping me out with this workout.

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