Tuesday, April 21, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - GymKata

Since coach Andrew is on vacation today's workout was ran by coach Christy. And boy was it a good one.

We started with a pretty hefty warm up. 25x Jumping Jacks, 10x Seal Jacks, 8x Long Lunges, 12x Cossack Squat, Bent Torso Twist, Inch Worm Push-Ups, Shoulder Circles and Wringing the Towel.

After the warm up we jumped into today's workout.
It is station based, I love station based workouts. This is where we have different stations, each with it's own task.

We teamed up into groups of two, my partner was Jen and took our place at a certain station (one team per station). We were doing 1 minute of work and then a :30 second break/transition to the next station.

Jen and I started with Station 4 Wall Balls but instead of going in order of stations we just went clockwise, which just seemed easier, so our next station was Station 2 Sit Ups. I opted to do a bit harder and grabbed a barbell weight and did my sit ups with that. After Sit Ups we moved on to Station 1, Plyo Push Ups, this is doing push ups against a box. Next we moved on to Station 5 and did Medicine Ball Cleans before moving to our final station, Station 3 Handstand Holds and I'm happy to say I did pretty good with those handstands.

It's funny as you don't think 1 minute is a long time but man when you're in the middle of throwing a 14lbs medicine ball up a wall it feels like forever. You'd be in the middle of your workout and then the coach would say... "you're halfway done" and you think to yourself.. OMG that was only :30 seconds.

But Jen and I did fantastic, in fact everyone in class did a great job, we even had a few noobs and they rocked it!! Coach Christy was awesome as always, I don't get to be coached by her very often so this was a treat.

Being away from the Gym the past four days was tough but after today's workout it was like I never left.. and that's a great feeling.

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  1. A minute has never felt so long as when it's the last minute of the set.