Saturday, April 25, 2015

Shower Issues, Family Time and Agents of Shield

After a great workout at NerdStrong Gym I look forward to coming home and having a nice long shower. Well today, fate had a different plan for me. As I started the water all was well, when I went to pull up on the "thingy" that makes the tub spout stop and the shower start the entire tub facet broke off and water jetted out at full speed.

At first I though it was just the adhesive coming off but as I took a closer look, I noticed a large amount of rust and it looks as though the actual pipe was just eaten away and finally snapped. The only way that they are going to be able to fix this is to pull out my tub/shower completely and put in some new pipes. Yeah I'm not looking forward to this disruption in my life at the moment. So I'm not going to tell my building manager just yet about this issue. There is no water leaking anywhere and I have a second bathroom with a shower so there is no issue there. I think I'll just keep mum for the time being.

Heading out to see family today. It's been over a month and I usual like to see them every few weeks. I did see my brother and his family last weekend at Celebration but it's been far too long since I've seen my dad. So I headed over after my shower fiasco and arrived around 1:30ish. I hung out with the kiddos for a few minutes while dad got ready. We were going to out to lunch and shopping afterwards. I had planned to come back and hang out with the kids for a few more hours but when dad and I got back from lunch/shopping I remembered that Mike and his family had plans at 4 and it was now 4:30 so they had gone. Dad was tired so we called it a day and I headed back home.

Once home I cleaned up my house a bit as I have been letting it get a little to messy and I have several friends coming over to my place tomorrow who had never been here before.. so it has to look nice.

In the evening I watched some TV with my buddy Erik via Skype. He and I watch quite a bit of TV together and since I had been busy the week prior with Celebration and he was busy this week with a conference in Vegas neither of us had been watching much of our TV shows so we were behind. We had a few hours before bed time so we opted to watch the latest two episodes of Agents of Shield.

First up was S2 Ep17 "Melinda" The story of Melinda May's transformation into "The Cavalry" is revealed as she finds herself at a crossroads in the war between Coulson and Gonzales. As Skye learns more about her true heritage from Lincoln, the truth about Inhumans will send her in a new direction.

So we have heard about "The Cavalry" for over a season and a half and we finally get the story behind the name and boy is it a story. We see a whole new side to Agent May, she's still a great agent but she married, planning a family and is happy.  It was interesting to see what actually made her the way she is now and I actually understand it. I still think that she's didn't have much a choice and had to do what she did to survive, but it changed for forever. I like how her story connected with the inhuman story and speaking of inhumans I was so happy that Skye found out the woman running the place was her mom. That's one great thing about this season of Shield.. secrets aren't kept very long. Nothing is really draw out for to long and this was one of those things that I didn't want to see drawn out forever. I like that we finally get a hint at what Raina's "power" is, can't wait to see more and it was nice to see the papa Cal, though crazy, he really just wanted his family back.

And then we watched S2 Ep18 "The Frenemy of My Enemy"A dangerous new alliance is formed as Coulson and Hunter turn to the last person anyone would expect, Grant Ward! As the war between S.H.I.E.L.D. factions continues, Skye and Lincoln will find themselves drawn into this conflict.

So I wasn't a fan of Ward in season one and I'm happy to say I'm still not a fan. I understand why Coulson had to teamed up with him but still I hope this alliance doesn't last to long. I really liked all the Fitts and Hunter interaction. I'm glad to see that Fitts is doing better, mentally. I'm glad Simmons finally confessed to May that Fitts had the box and that May isn't 100% on the side of the "new" Shield and throw Fitt's under the bus instead of Simmons which she revealed this secret to everyone. I really like Deathlock and glad to see him part of the group.. hopefully he'll stick around for a while. And I like that they have combined Skye's storyline with Coulson, though only temporarily.

Overall two really good episodes, I think I liked the first one better as May is a favorite of mine and it was nice seeing her backstory. I'm not a fan that she's kind of questioning Coulson and his actions but I'm sure all will be resolved in the next few episodes.

Erik and I still have some Flash, Gotham, Arrow and a few other shows to catch up on... so more reviews to come.

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