Sunday, May 3, 2015

Breakfast with NerdStrongers & Playing D&D

After NerdStrong a few of us went out to a local "diner" Hungry Fox to grab some breakfast/lunch. This seems to be our go to place on the weekends after a good workout. There is always a bit of a wait for a table but the food is good. This time around there were 7 of us and after about 20 minutes I went in to see where were are on the list and they had crossed our names out. This is the second time this has happened here. I mentioned their mistake and they quickly moved us to the top of the list and we were seated with in ten minutes. Once seated our waitress took our drink orders and brought us the drink but then disappeared for quite a while. When she finally returned we ordered food and I'm happy to say that it arrived fairly quickly. We ate and talked about all sort of crazy things like if the guys junk hurt while working out with certain equipment (ie Kettlebell), the guys then posed the question to the girls about their breasts and doing certain moves. We discussed pole dancing (as their a school right across from our gym) and how we all feel like kids more then adults. We discussed our diets, calorie intake and previous eating habits. You know, your typical conversations post workout. It was a good time. We then had a wait once again to get our checks but as I said.. the food is good.

Afterwards I headed home and got ready for D&D. Today's session was a continuation of a battle that started last time. At first we seemed to have the upper hand but then suddenly they came back and it was a full on battle again. Lot's of party members lost alot of HP (hit points). We even lost one of our party members, Phlig our Gnome Rogue (in a human body now) was killed. Luckily he had a few hero points and was resurrected. My little Halfing Mage Dash took a beating but never went unconscious. It took us 13 or 14 rounds but we finally defeated this small band of Orc, Goblins, HobGoblins and a Troll. We had to take our "polyjuice potions" and change into the beasts we just killed. Dash became a Goblin. We continued our journey into enemy territory. Our mission was to get a number count on how many troops the enemy has and needless to say it's currently double the amount of troops our Queen has... this doesn't bode well for the good guys. We got into a few scuffles in our travels and Xander became part of a pit fight but as we were hitting our mid way point in the potion (it only lasts 5 hours) and thinking of heading back with our report. Nar (who couldn't change and we were pretending he was as hostage) was taken from us and disappeared into some menacing looking gates... to be continued.

Overall it was a fun session. I think I'm getting D&D fatigue and may take a break after this adventure. After D&D I headed back to my place and crashed.

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