Saturday, May 9, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Escaping Shelob

Since our gym is under construction they had today's workout at a local park.

It was themed Escape from Shelob. First of all I love me anything to do with Middle Earth/Lord of the Rings/Hobbit and second I love themed workouts.. so this was win win for me.

We started with nice walk around the park and then some stretching.

Today we had coach Andrew, coach Marla, coach David and coach Blair to help get us through this crazy workout.

Coach Andrew set the scene.. we are Samwise and poor Mr. Frodo has been attacked and incased in web by the evil Shelob. It's our job to pick up Mr. Frodo and get him to safety.

There were three orange cones set up, 1st one was about 50 feet away, the second was 100 feet and the third cone was 150 feet away from the starting point. We first had to do 40x Jumping Jacks, 30x Bicycles, 20x Jump Squats, 10x Push Ups and finally 5x Burpees. We then picked up Mr. Frodo (the sandbag) and carried him to the first orange cone 50 feet away. We then ran back and repeated the workout, 40x Jumping Jacks, 30x Bicycles, 20x Jump Squats, 10x Push Ups and finally 5x Burpees. We then had to Bear Crawl (on our hands and feet) to Mr. Frodo who is currently at the 1st cone, pick him up and run him to the second cone 50 feet away from the first cone. We then ran back and did the workout again. This time I was feeling it, it wasn't horrible but it defiantly took some work to complete.

We then had to bear crawl 100 feet to the second orange cone, this was tough, 50 feet was bad enough but 100 seemed impossible. I took several breaks along the way and some of my fellow NerdStrongers just crawled on all fours.. I was tempted to do the same. Once there you pick Mr. Frodo and run him to the third and final cone 50 feet from the second cone. You run back like before and repeat the workout. Once again I struggled with this workout, I was tired but forced myself to complete it in a timely manner. Once done you bear crawled 150 feet to the third cone, yeah this wasn't going to happen. I crawled on my hands and knees half of the way before finishing the rest of the way in a bear crawl. I then picked up Mr. Frodo and ran him back to the second orange cone.. yep that's right we aren't done.. this workout is a ladder. So I dropped Mr. Frodo off at the second cone and just walked back to the beginning to do the workout for a fifth time. I don't know how I got through it but I did and I once again bear crawled to the second cone 100 feet away, pick up Mr. Frodo and brought him to the first cone. I then had to do one final workout before bear crawling to the first cone 50 feet away, picking up Mr. Frodo and bringing him back to the beginning and out of Shelobs reach.

In total we did 240 Jumping Jacks, 180 Bicycles, 120 Jump Squats, 60 Push Ups and 30 Burpees. We bear crawled 450 feet and ran/walked countless other feet. Oh and I forgot to mention that we had a time limit of 40 minutes to get this done but I'm happy to say that everyone in the 8am class finished well before the time limit... everyone kicked Shelobs ass!!

I have to say this workout looked extremely daunting on the board and though there were some tough times and I struggled a bit, with the help and encouragement of the coaches and fellow NerdStrongers this workout wound up being not so bad.

Thanks to coach Andrew, coach David, coach Marla and Coach Blair for your consistent support and encouragement.  You are the reason we are NERDSTRONG!!!

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