Tuesday, May 5, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - TABATA & Teams

Today's NerdStrong workout was brought to us by coach Andrew's visiting brother Paul.. who also happens to own a gym back east, so coach Paul lead this workout. Coach Paul's gym is a bit different then his brother's gym. As I as told it's more yoga-ish, with more mobility work. So we got a pretty extensive warm up as you can see from the picture. This warm up felt very much like a good workout.

But our actual workout was broken down into two sections.. the first one was a TABATA (:20 seconds of work and then :10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds). We switched between Jump Rope and Active Hangs. I've always been good at jump roping so this wasn't much challenge.. I actually enjoy jumping rope. Active Hangs were a bit tougher, as you're not just hanging there you are actively starting to pull yourself up and holding it. We went back and forth with each of these activities four times.

The second half of the workout we did in teams of three. My team consisted of Roe and Emily. While one person rowed 200 meters the other person was holding a weighted plate overhead and the third person is on the ground holding a plank. The person dictating the length of time that you had to hold the plank or weight above your head was the rower and how long it took them to row 200 meters. I had a great team, each person pushed themselves to complete the row as quickly as possible so the other two didn't have to suffer to much. We had to do three rounds of each and I'm happy to say that my team finished first.. not that it's a competition :)

Overall it was a nice workout, not to crazy but defiantly got the blood pumping. Thanks coach Paul. 

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