Thursday, May 7, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Back and Shoulders

Today coach Andrew and coach David took us through Grood's Revenge!!!

This was a more chilled workout as it was broken down into three parts, it was more of a focused and form workout for about 10 to 15 minutes and then a few minutes rest before doing it again and then one last time. Each set worked the same area of the body, the back and scapula.

We started with 5 sets of 10x Scap Pulls, which were not that hard but getting the technique down was challenging. We also had to do some 10x Sandbag Rows and these weren't to taxing but getting the right form was the more important part of this task. 

After a mandatory rest we did 5 sets of 7x Scap Push Ups, again these aren't that difficult but getting the from down so that your working the correct muscle group was tough. We then did 10x - 15x Tri Dips (on a box)... okay now these were tough and I only managed to do the least amount possible each round.

The third segment has 5 sets of 10x Hammer Curls. This is using dumbbells and it's like regular curls expect you keep your elbows tucked into your side and only move your forearms. I started with 15lbs weights and then coach Andrew came by and asked if 20lbs were to heavy for me and I said that I hadn't tried and he gave me that look of... you need to go heavier so I grabbed the 20lbs weights for the rest of my sets. The other thing we had to do was Banded Pull Downs. I have to say of all the things we did these were probably my favorite. I enjoy upper body workouts as I tend to do better with those.

For our final cool down period we did 10 minutes of arm Roll Outs. This is taking a barbell and moving your fore arm as well triceps and biceps up and down the bar. It's like a deep tissue massage that is a bit painful but you know it's helping in the end.

Overall a nice workout for a strength day.. thanks coach Andrew and coach David.

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