Wednesday, May 6, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Royal Flush Gang

Wednesday means CON day and Con day means Coach Blair.

Today's workout is a "past" workout but before my time so I have never done it. Once again, like with last week, several people in the prior class yelled out when they saw me "Run... Run while you still can" Then coach Blair turned to me with that "evil" smirk he likes to share every now and then and said... "Oh... you'll run!!"

Yeah I knew I was in trouble.

So today's workout was titled The Royal Flush Gang and it's a kind of random workout which I really enjoy. How it works is coach Blair has a deck of cards and he has assigned a different workout to each suit. Diamonds are Goblet Squats, Clubs were Weighted Sit Ups, Hearts Russian Twists and Spades Burpees. Of course each workout had a modified workout in case the "regular" one was to much.

So coach Blair would randomly flip a card, we had to do the workout that corrisponded with the suit and then the reps were determined by the number on the card. So if he turned over a 7 of Diamonds.. that meant we had to do 7 Goblet Squats. The face cards of course were even higher number Jacks = 11, Queens = 12 & Kinds were the most at 13. Aces were 1 (we loved Aces) and then Jokers meant we had to do a 250 meter run. Though there were only two Jokers coach Blair added them back into the pile a few times. So we knew we were going to be doing at least 52 workouts, possibly more if coach Blair added the Jokers back in.

In the end I did 91 Goblet Squats (I did modify down to Air Squats a few times), 91 Weighted Sit Ups (I also did regular Sits Ups when I was exhausted), 91 Russian Twists and 91 Burpees (It was suggested by coach Blair to do the modified down Push Ups if the number was over 7, which we were all very happy to oblige by). We also ran three 250 meters runs around the parking lot for a total of 750 meters.

In the end we did a full 40 minute workout with no rest and you'd think I would have been exhausted but I wasn't. I mean I was tired and feeling it but I didn't once get dizzy or lose my breath. Maybe I'm getting better at pacing myself. It might be the fact that we did these workouts as a team so if you got done early you had to wait for everyone to finish and maybe those :20 second rests here and there helped in the long run.

Regardless it was another awesome workout with coach Blair... thanks

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