Sunday, May 3, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Time Cop

Today is Sunday which means a themed workout. Today was all about Time Cop.

We started with a really fun warm up. We had to team up with a 'buddy', mine was my friend Lauren. We had to pass a medicine ball back and forth many times in various ways. I think the hardest was doing sit ups while your partner tossed you the medicine ball.

The workout was broken into three parts. The first part was 10 minutes of 5x Step Ups and 10x Ring Rows. Once again we were teamed up and while you did the Steps Ups your team mate did Ring Rows. One thing about these Steps Ups, they were very slow and precise. Instead of pushing off from the leg on the ground they wanted us to use the leg that is up on the box and pull your body up to the box. It was tough because instinctively you want to use the leg on the floor to push yourself up. The Ring Rows were also slow and precise but really not any different then our usual ring rows.

The second part of the workout was an "Indian Run". I actually really like Indian Runs. An Indian Run is when a group of runners line up in a straight line and you all jog at the same pace while staying in this line, then the last person in the line has to run to the front of the line and set the new pace. We had to keep doing this for 500 meters as we ran around the parking lot.

For the third part of the workout we had to do 5 sets of 10x Box Jumps, 12x Thrusters and 14x Push Ups in 10 minutes. If we didn't finish with in the time limit we had to do 30x Wallball Burpees as a penalty. This task looked nearly impossible and folks were looking weary. But while we were out running a time shift occurred and suddenly the workout changed to 10 minutes time cap AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) 5x Box Jumps, 6x Thrusters and 7x Push Ups. And thankfully the penalty disappeared and turned into waffles. This was still a pretty tough workout and I couldn't imagine doing the original timeline workout... thank goodness for the time shift.

It was another great workout brought to us by coach Andrew and his visiting brother Paul who also happens to own a gym and be a coach... fitness must run in the family.

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