Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mexican Food First Timer

Tonight after work Matt (who is visiting me from England) and I went out for dinner. He has never had Mexican food, I couldn't believe it.. he did say that he thinks he had a taquito once. Well we had to change that so I took him to a favorite of mine Chevys Fresh Mex.

We started with their tasty chips and salsa but he didn't seem to like it as he didn't eat much of it. I suggested that he get a combo plate so he could try many different items at once. He agreed and wound up getting a cheese enchilada, pork tamale and chicken soft taco, along with a side of Spanish rice and refried beans. He devoured everything... well except the sweet corn tomalito which they put on your plate as a small dessert. He wasn't a fan of the mushy texture. He also question if the second coke they waitress brought him was free.. I told him that we have unlimited soda here in the US.. he liked that. I'd say that his first taste of Mexican food was a success.

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