Tuesday, July 14, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - We're Back!!!

So this is my first day back to NerdStrong Gym and man am I feeling it. The warm up, which was like a mini workout was tough. I'm usually great at squats but man it took way to much effort to do them today.

After the warm up we did a Kettlebell Ladder, which meant we started light and increased our weight with ever set. We did 10x Kettlebell Swings per weight for 15 minutes. We started at 26lbs, then 25lbs, then 44lbs, then 55lbs and finally to 60lbs which I only did a few. I never made it to 70lbs but was still impressed that I could swing that 60 pounder.

We then moved on to the actual "workout" It was 4x :30 seconds of work then :30 seconds of rest with Mountain Climbers, Jump Rope and finally Burpees. So we did :30 seconds of Mountain Climbers, then :30 seconds of Jumping Rope and then :30 seconds of Burpees and then did is all over again for a total of four times. Thirty seconds doesn't sound like much but man when you're exhausted and in the middle of a set it feels like eternity.

It was a good workout and hard. I don't think the workout was particular harder then others but not working out for three days (I did workout 2 of the SDCC days) and eating poorly really does take a toll on your body. But I'm happy to be back at the gym.

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