Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 4 - San Diego Comic Con

I woke up this morning and felt like cosplaying.. I have never cosplayed on a Sunday because you usually check out of your hotel room and that means you can't change before heading home. But that didn't stop me.. so I once again shaved and hobbited myself up.

We packed up all our stuff and checked out of the hotel. Luckily I was able to leave my luggage with the hotel. Once we were all checked out Michael and I headed over to con. This was our last chance to buy anything. Michael always buys something for his kids and wife so we shopped for them.

Because it's Sunday that means less cosplayers so those of us who were dressed up got alot more attention. I was being stopped quite a bit for pictures. Michael left and I met up with Chris, Hayley, Steve and some other friends. We continued to roam the floor, take pictures of cosplayers and having picture taken of us. I ran into several of my NerdStrong family and took pictures with them, it was a nice ending to con.

We stayed until about 4:30 before heading over to the Strip Club where we have our traditional goodbye comic con dinner. While we waited out front I got some photo requests, which is always fun. The group this year was a bit smaller then past years but still it was a good turn out. I had to speed up things since I was catching a ride back to LA with Meg and Kevin. So I ate before everyone had arrived and left about the time everyone else was about to order.

I told Kevin and Meg that I'd meet them at Megs hotel at 6:30pm and though the restaurant was pretty close I had to walk back to my hotel to pick up my luggage. So I started to head back at 6 in full Hobbit gear, stopping only a few times for people to take pictures. Once I had my luggage I quickly took off my Hobbit feet and wig and placed them in my luggage while removing a pair of shoes. I looked funky but I didn't care as I needed to get over to the Omni in the next ten minutes. I did mange to get there right at 6:30pm and both Kevin and Meg were ready to go. We packed up her car and made our way home only to stop once for some snacks.

Once we were home I had to drive Kevin back to his place so I didn't get home until around 10pm.

Final Thoughts on San Diego Comic Con 2015

I got to cosplay, hang with my brother and good friends, do a few amazing panels and walk the sales floor many times. I worked out a few days, did some really fun parties and got to meet a few of my favorite celebrities. I stayed at a great hotel that was close to the convention center and didn't have to drive the entire five days. Overall this was one of my more enjoyable comic cons. And usual at the end of con I tell myself that this is going to be it, I'll take a break and not come next year but not this time around.. I'm actually excited for next years comic con.. bring it on.

You can check out all my 2015 San Diego Comic Con pictures HERE.  

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