Saturday, July 18, 2015

NerdStrong - The Mountain!!!!

Today's workout is called the Mountain and boy was it. It was a full 35 minute non-stop workout. But before I talk about the workout I want to talk about the weather. I haven't seen this kind of thunder and lighting SoCal for many years. As we waited for our class to begin we'd get a down pour of ran that would last ten minutes and then stop. At first I thought we'd be running in it but come 10am the rain had stopped completely. It was still extremely humid and parts of the parking lot were flooded, but that didn't stop coach Andrew.

For our warm up we went on a jog around the parking lot. But this wasn't a "normal" jog, coach Andrew asked for us to do circle with our arms as we jogged. He asked us to do side steps as we moved forward and my favorite, when we got to the large pools of water he had us hop through it. Needless to say my shoes were soaked through and through by the time our warm up was over. It was fun while it was happening but it wasn't that great afterwards when I had to workout in a soggy shoes.

Speaking of workouts this one is a dozy. It starts with a 750 meter run (3 laps around the now flooded parking lot), 50x Wallballs, 40x Kettlebell Swings, 30x Box Jumps, 20x Overhead Lunges, 10x Sandbag Clean to Shoulder, 500 meter run, 10x Sandbag Clean to Shoulder, 20x Ring Rows, 30x Clapping Push Ups, 40x Slamballs, 50x Sit Ups and finally another 750 meter run.

The group was split in half so half of us started on top and worked down while the other half started on the bottom and worked up. I was part of the top down team so everyone did the 750 meter run, but when we got back I went to the 50x Wallballs, As I mentioned before we had a 35 minute time cap so you just had to tackle one exercise at a time.... slow and steady was the way to get it all done. 

I'm happy to say that I got all the way to Sit-Ups and got about half of the 50 done before time ran out. Once time was call and tried to stand up and felt extremely light headed. Coach Andrew came over to me and asked how far I got and as I started to answer, I held up my hand to my mouth and made my way to the bathroom as I knew I was going to throw up.

I spent the next twenty minutes inside the bathroom lying on the floor. I've had two other incidents when I have felt this way after a workout but after talking to the coaches and eating a good bowl of oatmeal before my workouts I haven't had them since.. well until today..  I had a good bowl of oatmeal before this workout but I think the combination of being under the weather (chest congestion), the extremely high humidity and being mildly hypoglycemic contributed to this episode. I may have lost consciousness for a few seconds in the bathroom but like before my body rebounded and I started feeling better.

I don't feel like I pushed myself to hard this time, I was feeling great through out the entire workout. It as only at the end that I felt it. I ate properly and did everything as I was suppose to do.. sometimes the body just has a mind of its own. I hope it doesn't happen again as it's not the best feeling in the world but all I can do is continue to eat a good solid meal in the morning before the workout and make sure I don't overdue it during the actual workout.

Overall I really enjoyed the workout and besides the small episode at the end it was a really was great workout. Downside to being in the bathroom on the floor for 20 minutes is that you don't get to take a "class" picture.

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