Sunday, August 30, 2015

Clothes Swap, Jaws & Poetry

Headed back to NerdStrong Gym around 2:30 for the clothes swap. When I got there I noticed that there was a lot more women clothing then men but I went over to the men's section and actually started finding stuff that I though would fit me. I grabbed several swim trunks, some jeans and about ten or so t-shrits. Since I had gone down two pant sizes and a shirt size I was looking for smaller sizes. In the end I did manged to find one pair of swimming trunks, two pairs of jeans and about ten shirts. I also grabbed a few t-shirts (which were to small for me) for my buddy Erik.

I hung out with Derek and Seely and played a few round of Cockroach poker. As 4:00 approached we had a ton of clothes still. The turn out wasn't that great. We had alot more people drop off clothes then come in to get clothes. Towards the end we had a women come in and take about six trash bag of clothes. She planned to try them on at home and then whatever she didn't want she would drop off at the same Out of the Closet that we were dropping off the leftovers to.

Once the event was over I helped bag up the extras and there were alot of them. I think we had 16 or so large trash bags full of unwanted clothes. I don't think they'll be doing this again any time soon. But thanks NerdStrong for all the awesome shirts and pants I manged to grab.

Got two videos I want to share with you guys. First one is the reason I am still scared to go into the ocean. This video is terrifying yet also extremely funny at the reaction of the news casters...

The next is a guy reciting his poem.. his name is Steven J. Boyle and for what I can tell he's a Vlogger and enjoys writing poetry. I really don't know much about him but when I saw this video I really enjoyed his poem as well as the presentation.

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