Saturday, September 5, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Free Standing Handstands

Today coach Christy surprised us with an additional Handstand day. Since we've all been making great progress over the past few weeks they wanted to give us the opportunity to actually do a full handstand.

Of course we had to start with a nice warm up with a jog at the beginning and lots of wrist and shoulder stretches.

We then moved onto the dreaded Hollow Hold Progression. We have done these before but they are a great way to work your core. We did :30 seconds of workout then :30 seconds rest. We started with Knees Bent, Arms Only, then Feet Off Ground at 90 degrees, then Feet Off Ground at 45 degrees, then Feet Off Ground, Arms at side before finally doing a full Hollow Hold. These are always a killer and I think always will be, but I did them.

Next we worked on doing Handstands, there were different levels set up. I worked with coach Andrew and since I could already do a handstand we worked on doing a free stand handstand. This meant I did a handstand against the wall but when pull myself away from the way with no support. This was tough and trying to find the right balance was difficult. Coach Andrew helped by slightly pushing me back and forth to find my balance. My first attempted I was up for about 5 seconds. My second attempted was a bit better and I lasted about 8 to 10 seconds. My third didn't last very long and I knew that I was done with handstands for the day.

For a finisher was had to do 3 rounds of 1 minute of Burpees, :30 seconds of rest and then 1 minute of Jumping Jacks. Again the times are deceiving as 1 minute of something doesn't sounds like a long time but when the coaches say.. "Okay we're halfway done" you can't believe it's only been 30 seconds and you still have 30 seconds to go.

Overall a great workout. I was very happy with my handstand progression. We won't be doing handstands again for a while but I'll continue trying to do free handstands on my own time.

Also more promotion for the gym.. this time on NPR.. it's pretty awesome. Take a listen HERE

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