Wednesday, September 2, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Crossing the Alps

CON Day at NerdStrong and that means Coach Blair and his crazy hard workouts and today he didn't disappoint. Today's workout was titled Crossing the Alps.

But before we got to the workout we had to do a "warm up" which felt and looked more like a workout. For this "warm up" we had to do 10x Air Squats, 10x Jumping Jacks and 5x Tempo Push Up. We then went out side and did a surprise skip.. yeah we skipped around the entire parking lot which is 230 meters. We then did a 10 yard side shuffle, up and back and both sides, a 10 yard Toy Soldiers up and back, a 10 yard High Knees and then a 10 yard Back Pedal. Once we were done with that we went back inside and the "warm up" continued with 10x Mountain Climbers and finally 10x Striders. Needless to say I was exhausted and that as just the "warm up".

Now the actual workout was a 25 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible) of Squats, Slamballs and Sit Ups. We had three mountain to choose from. The green mountain which was for beginners, the black mountain for your average Joe and the red mountain for advanced members. Since I was already dying from the warm up I chose to climb the black mountain. So I started doing 10x Squats, 10x Slamballs and 10x Sit Ups, then 15x Squats, 15x Slamballs and 15x Sit Ups and so on. I went up the mountain and down the mountain and then back up and almost made it back down before time ran out. In the end I did 120 Squats, 120 Slamballs and 120 Sit Ups in 25 minutes.

Needless to say if I wasn't already tired I was dying now and coach Blair had one more surprise for us... a Finisher. It was a TABATA Wall Sit with a Mace. A TABATA is 8 rounds of :20 seconds of work and :10 seconds of rest. So I grabbed a 10 pound Mace and somehow managed to complete the wall sit while holding the mace the entire time.

I was extremely happy with what I had accomplished with this workout. That's one thing I love about this gym is even though you are exhausted and tired and feel like you can't continue, then know you still have more in you and slightly push you forward and just when you think you have nothing more to give.. they ask for just a bit more and sure enough it's there.

After the workout it took me about 10 minutes to recover and I was ready to start my day.. I felt great. I know tomorrow I'll be sore but right now I'm feeling fine... Thanks coach Blair

And just a side note IGN did a piece on the Gym.. watch it below.

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