Sunday, August 30, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Knight and Squire

Team workout today.. I love team workouts. This one was titled Knight and Squire.

We first did a nice warm up and then moved onto a Skill work. We practice Back Squats and Push Press' before moving onto the main workout.

We first teamed up in to teams of two, I teamed up with my buddy Michael. He's pretty strong so I knew I'd be in for a good workout. One of us would be a Knight while the other his Squire and we'd switch back and forth with these positions. We chose a 45 pound Halberd (barbell).

The workout starts with a 230 meter run with your Halberd, both Knight and Squire did the run and either or both could carry the Halberd. We then had to do 100x Wallballs, while the Knight did Wallballs the Squire had to do an Overhead Hold with the Halberd. After x10 Wallballs we'd switch places until we finished all 100 of them. We then did another 230 meter run with your Halberd, then came back in and did 100x Back Squats. While the Knight did the Back Squats with the Halberd the Squire had to do a Plank Hold and again after x10 we'd switch places until all 100 of the Back Squats were done. We then did our third 230 meter run with your Halberd, before coming back inside the gym and doing 100x Push Press' and while the Knight was doing the push press' his Squire was doing a Chair Pose and again we switch back and forth until all 100 of them were done. And finally we did one final 230 meter run with the Halberd.

This was a killer workout, for the runs I carried the Halberd for the first one, then Michael carried it for the second run and for the third one we teamed up and carried it together and the final one Michael carried.

For the workouts the Wallballs were fine and then the Back Squats started to get a bit tough for me and when we got to the Push Press I wasn't doing so great. After the third run I wasn't feeling to hot, I was a bit dizzy and could feel my hypoglycemia coming on so I grabbed a butterscotch candy for some quick sugar. It took a while to kick in so when we started the Push Press I only managed to do twenty of my fifty before I just couldn't do it anymore. While Michael finished his 50 I tried to do the Chair Pose which was very difficult and wound up just sitting on the ground and breathing. After he was done I was feeling better so we did the final run and as I mentioned Michael carried the Halberd.

Overall it was a good workout, I think I chose a heavier bar then I should have. I also think the heat played a part of it as well. In the end I did 50x Wallballs, 50x Back Squats and 20x Push Press' while running 920 meters.. not bad.

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