Sunday, September 29, 2013

Best Friends & Neverland

I finally got to talk (over the phone) to my best friend Chris. He's being deployed overseas and has been extremely busy getting ready. Since Chris and I met a few years ago we have talked/texted/Skyped/Messaged each other almost everyday but the past two weeks we've only "texted/messaged" a few times and I've been really missing him. But today we actually got on the phone and talked for over an hour and 15 minutes.. it was AWESOME.

Unfortunately he had gotten very sad news in the morning so we talked about that for a bit before talking about what's been going on in our lives the past few weeks. We don't know how things will be once he is overseas so this might be the last time I get to talk to him for six months (at least over the phone) so we made every minute count. It was great to hear his voice and catch up.

After talking to Chris I moved onto TV. Tonight Once Upon a Time season 3 was to premiere. But first they aired a really cool recap show called "Journey To Neverland"

After the recap I got to watch Ep 1 of Season 3, if you're a regular reader of my blog you know I love Once Upon A Time and I have been really looking forward to this. (SPOILERS) The episode started with Henry being born in the prison. I liked the lights flickering and going out at the moment of Henry's birthday (Magic). My heart broke when Emma refused to even look at baby Henry. We then go to Hook's ship with our main casts arriving in Neverland.

There were some fun moments in this episode like when Neal is talking to Mulan about "our world" and how there is a movie about her. Or Hook making a snide remark about Rumpelstiltskin changing clothes all the time. And Regina making a comment to Snow about fixing everything with “rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers”.

Once Rumple was back in Neverland you could see The Dark One reemerging. We find out that he has had dealings with Peter Pan before.

It was good to see the Enchanted Forrest and Aurora, Prince Phillip, Mulan and Robin Hood (played by a different actor then last season). I hope we get to see Storybrooke soon. 

Emma's got more spunk than ever and the take charge mentality suits her. She rally's the team together when things seem to be falling apart. She also had my favorite line in the episode "The way we succeed in getting Henry back, is just by being who we are, a Hero, a Villain, a Pirate. It doesn't matter which as we are going to need all these skills weather we can stomach them or not."

I enjoyed the mermaids, I like that they are "evil" or at least the attackers.

I liked Henry and the lost boy he was running with until the twist which I didn't see coming. The lost boy was actually Peter Pan. I like that he's very different from the original. He's the mastermind behind this entire plan. He wants Henry's heart as Henry is a true believer.

I was happy that they killed off Greg and Tamara. I never really liked these characters. Greg gets his "soul" ripped out by that black shadow thing and Tamara is shot by a arrow but you find out she doesn't die. Rumple find her and heals her only to rip her heart out and kill her.... so good.

I really enjoyed this episode and I can't wait for episode 2... so happy Once Upon A Time is back!!!

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