Monday, September 30, 2013

Wonder Women & Doctor Who

Here's a mixed blog post today.. some geeky things, some personal things.

First up geeky.. if you haven't seen this yet my friend Rileah Vanderbilt is playing Wonder Woman in this short teaser concept trailer. Other friends America Young and Clare Grant are also in this short. Rainfall films wanted to prove that Wonder Woman can be done right for either TV or movie and I think they nailed it. I love the look of Wonder Woman, the style of that world. I like that they showed us her in "our" world and her homeworld. The effect were amazing and the fighting scenes were well made. Check it out for yourself.. you won't be disappointed.


I've been wanting to continue to paint the outside of my house but we've had gusty winds the past week and using a paint sprayer in a wind storm isn't smart but today I went out and painted by hand with a roller and brush. I only lasted a half hour before I had to come in and get out of the heat. I did go back out later in the evening for another hour or so to finish up what I started earlier. Still have lots to go but I'm hoping the winds die down so I can rent that paint sprayer. 

My best friend Chris texted me that he was about to get on his plane for his deployment overseas. It's going to rough not seeing him for six months. I mean it was hard enough when he was re-stationed to Montana but at least I was able to visit him and he could visit me. Him being overseas makes that impossible. Luckily he's not going into a combat area but still nowhere is truly safe over there. All we can do is keep happy thoughts and wish him well. Once he's settled in he'll be giving me his address so I can send him some care packages (which I'm really looking forward to). Hopefully six months will fly by and he'll be back with us in no time. 

I spent a good chunk of the day watching some Doctor Who specials. I've been recording them since the beginning of the year. Each one focus' on a certain Doctor. They started with the first doctor in January, second doctor in February and so on. I have recorded the first nine doctors so far. They haven't aired the 10th or 11th yet. Each one has interviews with Doctor Who actors and creators, some from the actual time period that's being covered. They created these in honor of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary.

I wasn't the biggest Doctor Who fan, I had seen episodes here and there from the Tom Baker (fourth doctor) era, but really didn't get into it until it was rebooted with the 9th doctor Christopher Eccleston. 

I really enjoyed this retrospectives. I learned alot about each doctor and their companions.They even had episodes from that doctor that aired after the special. I didn't watch the episodes as I hate watching things out of order but I hope to one day go back and start at the beginning of Who. 

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