Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Geeky Tattoos

I've always liked tattoos and knew that I was going to get one, one of these days. My problem was that I couldn't pick what I wanted on my body for the rest of my life. In my 30's I decided I was going to combine four of my loves into one tattoo. That sounds good in theory but in practicality that wasn't a good idea as the tattoo would have to be huge to see all the details. So instead I opted for one tattoo each for my four loves, which are Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. So at age 40 I got my first tattoo and loved it. Subsequently every year after I have gotten another one. 40 was Harry Potter, 41 was Star Wars, 42 was Lord of the Rings and now that I'm 43 it's time for another one which will be Star Trek.

I thought that would be it, I'd have those four and call it quits but I haven't even gotten my fourth one yet and I'm planning a fifth, sixth, seventh and possibly eighth tattoo.

I'm a huge Firefly fan so I thought about getting a Firefly tattoo. I'm also a big Superman fan, always have been, so Superman is on my list and recently I saw a special on E.T. and it brought back such great memories when I was kid that I decided I want an E.T. tattoo as well.

My buddy Robert and I have been talking about getting a "matching" tattoo that represents our geeky friendship. We might go with something Firefly so that would take care of two tattoos for me in one go but I'm willing to get an eighth one if we decide to not go with a Firefly themed one.

Getting tattoos is like a drug, you become addicted to them. They are pieces of art that you carry around with you. They represent who you are as a person (at least they do for me). I don't know if I'll be getting all these planned tattoos or not, all I know is I love being a geek and seeing it represented on my body everyday is AWESOME!!!!

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