Friday, October 4, 2013

Podcasting With My Brother

Today my brother and I record more of our Alien Nation podcast. Last month my brother wasn't able to make it so my buddy Doug stepped in to help me out and was great but there is something about the chemistry I have with my brother.. it's pretty awesome. We recorded the next two episodes (Oct and Nov).

The episode that will be released on Nov 10th will be for the final episode of the TV series as Alien Nation only lasted one season. But the podcast won't be over, luckily we got 5 additional TV movies, the theatrical release (the film that started it all) and a handful of comic books (6 mini series) and novels (7). We plane on doing a podcast for each one of these things, so the series might be over but we are far from ending this podcast.

But we  did talk about it and we know this podcast will end at some point in the future, I'm thinking mid 2015, early 2016 and when this happens we are planning to do a podcast the awesome alien invasion series V. It's one of our favorite childhood TV mini series and series. It was also revived a few years ago and we got another few seasons out of it. There are also about 15 novels and a 19 issue comic book series. So there is at the very least 5 years worth of podcasts (if we do one a month). We might even start that one sooner then later and do both Alien Nation and V together... who knows.

Needless to say the podcasting team of Michael and Kenny is far from over.

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