Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Car Issues, Guests & Power Rangers

When it rains it pours.. besides the potential bad news about my kidneys I'm having car issues as well. What sucks is that my car is only 2 years old, my engine malfunction, service now light is coming on and my transmission is being funky. I got the extended bumper to bumper warranty so I have to take my car to the dealer that I purchased it from.  So I called to make an appointment and of course now that I have a job it was to be on a weekend. Well they can't see me until mid March for the engine light and not until mid April for the transmission. The lady informed me that if the service light starts to blink then stop driving and bring the car in immediately. As for the transmission, she said if it gets worse or isn't drivable then I could bring it in sooner then my April appointment. Luckily everything is covered under the warranty as none of this is "normal" wear and tear for a 2 year old car.

I have house guest this week, Kevin and Doug Rusley are here in town looking for work and an apartment. I offered them my guest room to stay in while they're here. It's funny how quickly they got settled. Within minutes of being at my place they were sitting on my couch with the TV on, their laptops out and cell phones on. They are like media magnets, they are watching a movie on TV, you tube on their laptops and surfing the web on their cell phones. Anyways they will be staying with me until Sunday.

So someone released a fan made, much gritter Power Rangers short film. it's pretty fantastic. It's definitely adult as it's very bloody. But this would be a Power Rangers movie that I'd love to see. Saban (the owner of Power Rangers) has complained about the fan film and is having it pulled from the internet but of course once it's out there you will be able to find it.. so it's up again on you tube so check it out before it's removed.. and if it is I strongly suggest you search for it so you can watch it.

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