Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weigh in - 2/21 & 2/28

Somehow I skipped my weigh in last Saturday 2/21, but to recap I weighed in at 194.5. So I'm down a half a pound from my previous week. This morning I weigh myself and I am still 194.5, I have seemed to to hit a plateau. It could be a number of things.. I haven't been eating great so I'm managing to do just enough workout to keep the weight off but not enough to get rid of any additional weight. Or I'm losing weight but building muscle which of course weighs more. I know from looser fitting cloths that I'm losing the weight, maybe not as much as I would if I ate better but I am losing. So with that being said this will be my last weigh in. My buddy Andrew challenged me to not weigh myself for the month of March. He think I live to much by the scale.. and he's right. I judge my victories and failures by the scale numbers and not by the image I'm seeing in the mirror. So I have agreed and I will not weigh myself or post about my weight for the entire month of March.

But I'd like to point out that my goal for February was to get below 195 and since I'm at 194.5 I achieved my goal... woohoo!!!! Now for my March goal I'd like to lose that four and a half pounds and that would bring me to 190 lbs.  I know the scale isn't a measure of success but I'm still 30 lbs over weight so I can lose weight while gaining muscle.

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