Friday, February 27, 2015

False Alarm, Goodbye Mr Spock & SDCC Badges

It was a rough start to my day today, if you follow my blog you know I have been concerned about my kidneys. Three days ago I got a call from a nurse informing me that my doctor wants to discuss the issue. This was a huge red flag for me as I scheduled an appointment for April and she said she would call me earlier if there was a problem. So when I got the call I assumed they had bad news about my kidneys. So this morning I went to my doctors, checked in and waited for about 20 minutes before the nurse brought me in. They checked my vitals which I'm happy to say are very good. Then my doctor came in and the first thing she did was apologize. Come to find out that it wasn't my doctor who requested this meeting it was her boss (the lead doctor). He had seen my results and saw that my creatinine, serum was high. Creatinine, serum is a waste product that is produced by the metabolism of muscles. Creatinine is produced from creatine, a molecule that promotes energy production in muscles and is filtered from the blood by the kidneys. 

So when the doctor saw this he was concerned and figured I'd have to come in to talk about it, but what he didn't know was that I already discussed this with my primary doctor. We are aware of this situation and monitoring it. The high levels in my blood is not ideal, but with the amount of muscle I have my doctor told me that my current levels don't worry her. They didn't find any of the protein in my urine (which is excellent). So will continue to monitor and watch my levels. Thou this visit was a unnecessary, I did get a bit more info about the issue. 

While at the doctors my phone went off and I saw the terrible news about Leonard Nimoy, my heart sank.  I had heard that he wasn't doing well and went to the hospital a few days prior and I remember thinking to myself.. oh man if he passes away that's going to be tough. I watched social media as the news spread and witnessed the all the love and support this man was given. We have celebrities die all the time, it's part of life but I haven't seen this kind of outpouring of love and support since Robin Williams died last year. Leonard Nimoy wasn't only an icon on TV but a film director, poet, singer, and photographer. I had never had the pleasure of meeting this man at any conventions but what I have read and heard about him is that he was an outstanding human being. He loved his fans and embraced his alter-ego persona Mr. Spock.  He was a class act and will be deeply missed.

This unnecessary doctors visit also prevented me from participating in the "Pro" badge sale for San Diego Comic Con.  I needed to get a badge for my brother so I asked my sister-in-law Lora if she could sign in for me and try to get Michael a badge since she was off work today. I talked to her several times while at the doctors explaining what had to be done. Unfortunately she never got out of the waiting room. Luckily I put a request out there to my friend Lydia who is also a professional and asked if she wasn't using her "guest" pass if I could get it for my brother and she was sweet enough to agree and she actually got a complementary guest pass (which were gone in 10 minutes). So my brother was covered and when I got into work I tried to sign in and get my pass but because I had purchased a Thursday/Sunday badge (for my brother, just in case) during open regsistation and because of that it locked me out of the system and won't allow me to get my badge. 

I have several emails that said we could try to get a guest badge during open registration and still get our badge when pro registration opened.. well that didn't work. So now I have no Comic Con badge, I have an email out to SDCC Pro and hopefully we can resolve this quickly. I'll keep you all posted.

After all the crazy in the morning the rest of my day at work was fine and my night was full of board games and fun.

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