Saturday, February 28, 2015

Celebrating My New Job with Friends

Tonight a bunch of my friends got together to celebrate my new job. Yes it's such a rare occasion that I find a job (especially the past few years) so we like to celebrate it when it happens.

We gathered at our local "get together" spot Pitfire Pizza. This was a last minute thing but surprisingly we had a pretty good turn out. Which of course made me feel good. We had people coming in from San Diego and Irvine. We also had friends in from Denver. It was a good night until the rain came. Because Pitfire screwed up we didn't get reserved seating inside (as planned) so we were outside. Luckily the majority of us were done eating but Pitfire was great and moved our tables under the awning.

After Pitfire the majority of us went to Republic of Pies. That place was packed so we opted to get some pie and sit outside at some very wet tables. Luckily they had large umbrellas to prevent us from getting wet. We hung outside for about a half hour before folks started to part ways.

Since the Kuhns came from Irvine Dallas and I decided that we would hang out a bit longer with them. We found a couch inside that was empty so we quickly jumped on it. We spent the next few hours chatting it up. It was nice chatting with the Kuhns'. I don't get to hang out with Matt and Melissa to often so I appreciate every opportunity I get to getting to know them better. 

It was a fun night of food and friends. I want to thank Dallas for organizing this event as well as Jes, Andrew, Aaron, Doug, Kevin, Matt, Melissa, Tamar, Elie and Robert for showing up and celebrating with me.

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