Sunday, February 22, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - The Last Starfighter

Started my day with another fun themed workout. Today it was all about The Last Starfighter.

No coach Andrew today, instead we had new coaches Christy and Kimi leading the charge. They also had the help of couch David who set the atmosphere and made us feel like we were really training to become Starfighters.

There were lots of components to this workout. We first did an indian run for a warmup and then did a few stretches for our arms. Afterwards they showed up examples of each of the workouts we were going to do. We then started the training.
We had to do 3 minutes of a particular workout depending on which station you were in (I started at station 3). We then had :30 seconds to rest before doing a one minute team workout.

So this is how it went. As I mentioned I started at station 3 so I stared with 3 minutes of Medicine Ball Cleans, :30 second rest, then 1 minute of planking. I then moved to station 4 and did 3 minutes of Kettlebell Swings, :30 second rest, then 1 minute of right side planking (I don't recall the actual name). I then moved to station 1 and did three minutes of Slamball Burpees, :30 seconds of rest, then 1 minute of left side planking. And finally we moved on to the final station (for me that was station 2) and did 3 minutes of SlamBalls, :30 second rest and then 1 minute of our final team workout, which I don't know what's it's called but we laid on the floor and lifted our head, shoulders and feet up off the ground tightening out core.

Needless to say when we were done I was sweating like crazy. The slamball brupees were the worst. Three minutes doesn't sounds like a lot of time but when you are exerting so much energy it takes alot out of you. This was a fantastic workout, I didn't kill myself and after a few minutes of rest I felt great. I continue to enjoy doing this themed/teamed workouts. Can't wait to see what coach Andrew comes up with for next Sunday.

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