Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oscars 2015

After my NerdStrong workout I came home and got to hang out with my buddy Brett for a few hours before he and I headed over to our friends Cait and Robert who were having an Oscar party.

We were the first to arrive at 4 and began to watch the pre-show/red carpet interviews. A few more people arrived and we filled out our Oscar ballets. The show started at 5:30 with a fantastic opening number by host Neil Patrick Harris, Anna Kendrick and Jack Black.

The overall show was good, Neil Patrick Harris was charming but some of his joke fell flat and I was kind of sad for him. He had a lot to live up to after Ellen's hosting of the Oscars last year. Some of his bits were hilarious but most were eh.

Some highlights of the night. Great acceptance speeches, quite of few of them were not just a list of names but statements about woman's rights, gay rights, loving your parents, and civil rights. I really enjoyed Commons and John Legends performance of their song Glory (which won best song). It had several people in the audience in tears.

Another great performance was Lady Gaga, now I'm a fan of hers and I enjoy her songs, but this was the most un-Lady Gaga I've ever seen. She sang a medley of songs from the Sound of Music to celebrate it's 50th anniversary.  She killed it, when you strip away all her crazy hair and outfits you have an amazing singer with a beautiful voice. Even Julie Andrews praised her.

As for the Oscar ballets I wasn't doing that great at the beginning but I came back at the end and got a total of 10 correct predictions to win the Oscar poll and take home the golden bunny. It was a fun night of friends, pizza and predictions. The Oscars ran over by a half hour but overall it was an entertaining show.

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