Friday, February 27, 2015

Game Night at NerdStrong

Working out isn't he only thing we do at NerdStrong Gym. There are plenty of other geeky/nerdy events like movie nights, seminars, and game nights. Tonight I went to my first NerdStrong Gym game night.

It was a great turn out, we had about 16 people playing various games on three different tables. I got to meet a few new fellow gym members who I had not met yet and also friends of said members. There were snacks and even pizza. I played a few games that I had played before and played one that was new to me.

Our table of six people pretty much stayed together the entire time. We first started with a card game called Coup. I had never heard of it but here's a bit about it. Driven by their successes, the Resistance has gained popular support and entire regions are in open rebellion. In a desperate attempt to stay in control, some government leaders are publicly supporting the reforms demanded by the resistance. But allegiances are constantly shifting, and can be bought for the right price. The opportunity for intrigue and bluff has never been greater. The cost of failure couldn't be higher. Even with the reformation, only one can survive.

As mentioned in the description there is alot of bluffing going on with this game. It was easy to learn and after a few rounds you get the hang of bluffing and calling someones bluff. We played three rounds as some of the rounds lasted just a few minutes while others look a little longer. I didn't win any of the rounds. Guess I'm not much of a bluffer :)

The second game we played for the night was Cash and Guns, In an abandoned warehouse, a band of gangsters is splitting their latest haul, but they can't come to an agreement on the split. It's time to let the guns do the talking, and soon everyone is aiming at everyone. All you have to do is stay alive and have the most money at the end of the game.

I played this before and loved it so I was excited to play it again. There is something about holding a foam gun at one of your fellow players. I actually won this game and had the most money at the end.

The last game we played was the card game "We Didn't Playtest This at All". I have played this game before and it's always a fun game. We played many rounds of this as some games lasted all of a second. I don't think I won any of these games. Overall it was a great night of friends, food and fun. Hopefully they'll make this a twice monthly things instead of once a month. It was alot of fun and what is even better is that you don't have to be a member of NerdStrong to join in the fun.

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