Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fix Fax Retest & Loot Crate Fantasy Mini Movie

This morning I didn't go to NerdStrong Gym because I had my follow up appointment with Fit Fax (my wellness coach). It's been five weeks since my initial test and now it's time to see if all this hard work has paid off.

My first visit I weighted 192.2 lbs, this visit I weighted 189.4 lbs. That's a lose of 2.8 lbs... yay!!!

My Muscle Mass was 71.7 lbs and this visit it's now 72.5 lbs, that's an increase of .8 lbs of pure muscle mass... woot!!

As for my Body Fat Mass, I started at 67.5 lbs and now it's 63.3 lbs, that's a loss of 4.2 lbs of actual body fat.

What is crazy.. is though I only lost 2.8 lbs of actual body weight, I actually lost 4.2 lbs of the bad stuff... How awesome is that.

Needless to say both Sarah (my wellness coach) and I were very happy with the results. The remaining of the meeting we talked about my fight against the carb monster and how to improve my diet. She's happy with what I'm doing for the most part.. just gotta give it an extra kick now and then.

I plan to go back in 6 to 8 weeks for another follow up.. so stay tuned.

In other geeky news.. Loot Crate released this amazing video to promote their Fantasy Crate that will be coming out this month. This video just made my day.. reminded me of when I was young and use to play D&D, though I didn't play for years and years like the characters in this video I did feel the commendatory that goes along with these adventures. It's like a mini movie that will warm the heart and may even bring on some tears. Check it out!!!

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