Wednesday, April 15, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Doing the Impossible

It's always tough doing an evening workout and then coming back early in the morning for an AM workout.. luckily I don't do that to often.

Today is Wednesday which mean CON Class with Coach Blair's ie torture workout.. and he didn't disappoint.

We warmed up with running 2 laps and then doing various leg stretches, ie high knees, butt kickets, etc.

We then quickly moved on to the workout... Here's what he had us do. We ran 4 laps then came back into the gym to do 10 rounds of 5x Push Ups, 10x Sit Ups & 10x Air Squats.

Once we were done with all that we ran 4 more laps around the parking lot and then did the same workout over again for a second time.. so 10 rounds of 5x Push Ups, 10x Sit Ups and 10x Air Squats before doing one final lap just for fun around the parking lot.

Of course my buddy Thomas flew through this workout along with coach Andrew while the other three of us (Erin, Pooja and I) struggled to complete it.. but I'm happy to say that we all did it. I finished the full workout (in black) with no modifications in 44:09 minutes. It was tough but as always very satisfying when you actually complete it.

I know I like to complain about coach Blair's workouts being tough (and they are) but it amazes me what you can do if you really put your mind to it. I pushed myself to finish this one in the allotted time (45 minutes). And when it was all over I was exhausted physically but I felt great mentally. I did it.. I did what looked impossible on the board.

In the end I ran 2250 meters (1.7 Miles). Did 100 Push Ups, 200 Sit Ups and 200 Air Squats in 44 minutes with no rest... that's pretty awesome. Thanks coach Blair for making me push myself beyond what I thought was impossible.

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