Tuesday, April 14, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - HandStands

Since I had my fix fax in the AM I had to push my NerdStrong workout to the evening. So I left work about a half hour early so I could be on time for the workout at 7:30pm. Thomas was joining me but he had to take the bus to get to NerdStrong (which I'm happy to say is a fairly easy trip, if I ever had to do it).

Warm up alone was like a mini workout. We had to do 3 rounds of 150m row, then Plank Pulls x5 and finally 3 rounds of 60 seconds Plank Hold.

Today's skill was all about Handstands. Fortunately for me I've been able to do handstands since childhood and never really lost the ability to do them even though I've gained some weight. We went through the motions on how to stand, start and finish a handstand before moving to the wall and attempting them. We were doing 3 rounds of handstands for max hold. It's a different experience doing free standing handstand as oppose to handstands against the wall. I did a few wall handstands as well as a few free standing hand stands.. it's nice to know that I still have it in me.

For the actual workout it was a quick and intense workout. We were using Sandbags and doing 3 rounds of Alternate Should Swing, then Shoulder 2 Shoulder Press and finishing with a High Pull. Each round we did :20 seconds of work and then took a :10 second rest. We also rested for :30 seconds in-between rounds.

As I said it was a nice workout.. intense and quick workout at the beginning, then a fun skill workout with the handstands before doing another intense and quick workout at the end... Thanks coach Andrew for another awesome workout. Oh and I just want to congratulate my friend Lauren on her first handstand.. it was fantastic!!

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