Sunday, April 12, 2015

NerdStrong Gym - Dungeon Workout

After team rowing for our warm up, we made our way to the Dungeons.

Once there we paired up and entered level one. In level one we encountered our first group of tasks.

They were 10x Sit Ups, 10x Air Squats, 10x Push Ups and 10x Ring Rows. Once done your partner would do their set giving you a few seconds to rest and then we started all over again and did this until the seven minutes ran out.

We then had a 5 minute rest before moving on to level two of the dungeon. Here we did less reps for a shorter amount of time but the tasks increased by 10. So for the second level of tasks we had to do 7x Plate Sit Ups, 7x Goblet Squats, 7x Tempo Push Ups & 7x Pull Ups (Jump Ups). Again once you were done your partner did theirs and you started all over again until the six minutes were up. 

We got another five minute rest and then moved on to level three (Boss level). Like before the reps and time went down but the tasks increased by another 10. For the third level tasks we did 5x Toes 2 Bar, 5x Dumbbell Thrusters, 5x Clap Push Ups and then 5x Ring Pull Ups. We did those for five minutes. Once done you and your partner had successfully killed the Boss and made it out of the dungeons safely.

This was a good workout..

We went from Sit Ups, to Plate Sit Ups (which meant you had to hold a weighted plate and do your sit up with it over head) and then to Toes 2 Bar (which meant you were doing a sit up while hanging from a bar, as in bringing your knees up to the elbows.

We did Air Squats then Goblet Squats (which meant you held a kettlebell while doing squats) to Thrusters (which meant you held on to two dumbbells while doing a squat and then pushing the dumbbells overhead).

We did Push Ups, to Tempo Push Ups (which meant you had to lower yourself slowly and then push up quickly) to Clap Push Ups (and that's exactly what it sounds like at the bottom of your push up you have to clap).

We did Ring Rows to Pull Ups (and those who couldn't do Pull Ups we did Jumps Ups) to Ring Pull Ups

Of course if any of the level two or three tasks were to difficult you could always go down a level but I'm happy to say I did everything that was required. My partner was of course my visiting Irish buddy Thomas. He joined me for his very first Nerdstrong Workout. Thomas is an athlete so I think he impressed a few people there.

Overall it was a great team workout.

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